Monday, June 30, 2008

I like it I love it I want some more of it....

Next time you're doing it to her, show a little tenderness and care. Women really appreciate the casual tug of the hair, or firm smack upside the ass...It lets them know their place...Under you balls deep. Show her you care by caressing her insecurities with sweet nothings and pillow talk. Some classics ; "You like that big cock don't you" "I'm gonna make you scream" "Lets wake up the neighbors" "OOO ya, suck that dick" "Ride that cock" "Grab your titties" and "take that shit". But feel free to throw in your own personal spin; its really a matter of creativity.
If you do well she too will join in on the fun and throw in some of her own lexicons. You know you're knocking one out of the park when you hear things as heart-warming as ; "Oh fuck me harder" "Ya give it to me" "Fuck me with that hard cock" "Slap my ass" "Fuck me from behind" "Make me take it" "Tell me I'm your bitch" and my favorite "OOOO AAAA I'm cumming." Such enunciation is found rattling off the holyiest of bedrooms walls and into living room floors my friends,
make that verbiage yours tonight.


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