Monday, July 14, 2008

Lovin' it Hard in the light of Day

Sex is a battlefield. And there is no better place to wage this war than in a public place...Like your own neighborhood. Have you ever woken up and said "I wanna do it on my neighbor's lawn today." Hell, he lets his dog crap all over your property's facade, so why not make a little nookie in the day light for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. In fact you should post fliers a couple of days before hand advertising this suburban love-in and tell the neighbors to invite family and friends out for the occassion. It'll be some good ole' family fun...You know fire up the BBQ, crack open your preferred beverage of choice, break out the slip and slide for the kids. While I'm stroking away, feel free to comment on my technique, make suggestions, or take a little something home for the wife to enjoy. Heck it'll give you a chance to have that birds and the bees conversation you've been meaning to have with your kids. We all like doin' it, why not make a public affair out of it? It's me, you, god and the neighbors...In the day-light.


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