Monday, July 28, 2008

Nice Rack!

This is an ode to tits....I fucking love tits, Some succulent juicy melons you can put in your mee-outh and play with for a while. Cover 'em with some coco butter and bounce 'em around in your face; Grab two handfuls and squeeze, jiggle, and lick around 'em from bottom to top or from top to bottom even. I love big fat honker titties that you can grab a hold of and just go to town on. Watching them bounce up and down while she's riding your cock; feeling them rub on your leg while she sucks you off. Molesting the nipples with your tounge while she moans in heat and her juices start to flow. Playful bites and pinches on those nice pink little perkies....OOO thats the stuff.

Lets all go out and play with some boobies today.


Anonymous Marty Mcsupafly said...

those are some bigguns! Look at those sweater coconuts.

2:06 PM  

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