Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who's yo Daddy!

Need a slut today? Go out and find yourself a girl with daddy issues. They truely do make for great sexual times. You see girls with daddy issues are constantly seeking the approval and attention of men to fill in the gaps. And this need for attention is usually coupled by 1. dancing on bars 2. flashing their tits 3. triple kissing in public 4. going home with you.

Pick up line; "Did your father leave you at an early age?". If not move on to the next and the next. You are bound to find a girl in the bar who has divorced parents, her father neglected her, he was a womanizer, or he was a pump and dump dad. You can easily make your way into her good graces by listening to her plight-filled story of how he never hugged her or how he made her hide in the basement when he had his "business friends" over for conferences in the "board-room". Rub her back a little bit, sigh in disapproval, buy her a couple jagermeisters or lemon drops and tell her everything will be ok. Keep a tight lip, but if you do have to interject make sure she knows that you are a nice guy who would never treat women like her father has treated her.
From here on out she's all yours...You don't have to worry about leaving her alone while you and your boys rack up the pool table; she got over that the 2nd time daddy left her in the mall food court to talk to the college dropout working at footlocker. Have fun tonight, And tell 'em you'll call.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A true masterpieceofass stereotype by mommy's golden god.

6:24 PM  

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