Monday, January 04, 2010

Keep it Wet

They cum and they go, these butts and sluts.
I try to tell them, they never learn...I'm you're midnight make out, you're playboy for two, just a story for you to take home and tell your friends about. I'll be your body shot or the bartender you slummed with in the bathroom stall. This life is nothing more than a pot full of laughter, a grog of lust, motivated by the attention of your opposition's attraction. If you disagree its cause your blinding yourself or focused on money...and money is power and power gets pussy; so again, the motive for attraction.
Girls are like a good song on the like it the first few times you hear it, then you can't stand the sound of it but you keep listening cause when its over the song puts you to bed with a smile on.
I know two things to be will always keep an eye on pussy and women will always keep an eye on their men.
Keep it wet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't tell me.. You have money and no looks. How sad. You really believe that women only go for men with money? How sad. Haven't you ever had a woman who loved you for you? For how you made them feel about themselves? It sounds like you don't like woman, other than for sex, and most women find that a turnoff. So how did you ever get the name of Satisfaction?

10:12 AM  

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