Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to end a hitting slump

Slump buster: A larger than average girl found in smallsville USA out for some action.
Baseball, like life is a game of numbers. Some days you eat the defense and sometimes the defense eats you. It can be a humbling game so when the strikes aren't going your way, look down the bench and warm up the slumpbuster. Whether she's a lefty with junk or a hard throwing right hander, this princess of the parking lot can lift your spirits, probably lift your second baseman, and getthe game back in your swing.
Everyone goes thru a slump now and then. So if you find yourself on in an 0-fer hole and can't buy a hit, no need to panic, do what the pros do. Find yourself the closest big girl at the bar to cuddle up with for the evening. No doubt your teammates will laugh at you and ridicule you for a swinging bunt base-hit, but hell grin and wear it proudly. Cause that's the beauty of the slumpbuster; she gives you something to laugh at when you thought the world was all off the plate sliders. And she'll also remind you why you played the game to begin with; its fun stupid.


Anonymous MARK GRACE said...

BOOYEAH. I have hit a few out of the park in my day.

12:02 PM  

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