Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tiger Tail

Ass, everyone has one and everyone likes to get some. You're a fool if you don't believe professional athletes cheat regularly. You're a fool to believe that lust doesn't trump morality every time. You're a fool if you're attitude about Tiger Woods has changed just because he cheated on his wife. Right or wrong, people have desires and given the chance people will fulfill them. Everyone loves being wanted by the opposite sex, people want the re-assurance that they are wanted and can still pull ass. We want to feel sexy, desirable, and get that rush that comes only with a new romantic encounter. People like to get down and dirty, we like to close the door and take it all off. Sex is addictive and like any other drug, once you've had it you want to repeat that high. Tiger Woods is the most recognizable athlete in the world, are you surprised women throw themselves at him? Please, he might be a Stanford dork but he's a rich famous Stanford dork. And if I know anything about women I know they love two things: Celebrity, and money. So go back to your homes, put away your tar and feathers, and leave the guy alone. And remember what they say, for every beautiful woman...There's a man who's tired of screwing her.


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