Monday, January 04, 2010

Its a dirty tiiing

Fuck...Just fuckin' fuck. At every chance you get, whether she's fat or ugly, hot or busty. Fuck it when the green flag drops and she says go. Hell, you might as well get used while someone still wants to use you. Get dirty wherever you go; bar rooms, living rooms, pool tables, balconies, roof tops, hard wood floors, truck beds, fuckin' church peus and the YMCA. Eat pussy and suck cock; get your pussy eaten and have your cock sucked...all the time, tomorrow, tonight, fuckin' right now. Whores and Dickmen. THis is what we all are...Here to get off and go home with a smile.
Stay hard my people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is hot! Too bad she only would fuck you in your imagination.

10:14 AM  

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