Friday, January 08, 2010

Star Whores III: Return of the Cougar

I met a cougar slut at Bryant Park on a Sunday before labor day 2007. She liked me, so I fucked her. I took her home in a cab, 2 across in the back seat so I finger banged this 1 hour Marylin in the New Your taxi cab heat on the way to my West Side apartment. I took her upstairs, licked and sucked her huge real titties, pulled her hair before I pulled her purple panties aside to stick my red hard dick right up inside that beautiful pink wet wanting pussy. She had dark hair, a shaved wet twat, 35 year old eyes and a mouth like a vampire. We fucked in sweat, we met in the park, and we both left wet.



Anonymous Chet Rockwell said...

KIW indeed my friend.

2:00 PM  

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