Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gay Like Me

Hey, do you ever wonder if gay dudes have like a secret language? I do. All the time. It's weird, cause I swear I get together with my dudes and we can look at each other and know "hey we're ditch'n this chick" or "yo there's a better party down the street" or "lets go smoke a bowl". Easy looks for me and my friends that speak. Therefore I figure these gays must have an invisible ink to hitting on each other. It could be gay blunt like "your muscles are hot" or super gay stealth like "geeze it's a beautiful day". Beautiful day might mean "your beautiful and I was born on a day, and today I wanna fuck you." I don't F'n know. I don't know what this language is but I swear it is out there and like Latin it confuses the rest of us. I ain't no homophobe, just prety intriguing how this society could make up a subversive language meant to either jack each other off or turn non believers into jacker offers.

I know they must have some look or some word like "hey jack" and that means "lets go fuck"...I don't know shit and I may get beat up by some gay bikers for this but, really, if I could just tell a hot girl "hey jack" and that means "lets go "F" in the bathroom", I suppose I probably would. There's gotta be something there.
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