Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a story for your entertainment

To all of you who have made out with a girl or ridden in a taxi, this is for you.

On a New York summer night I Met Kristen (at least that's what we'll call her) at a wine bar called 10 Degrees in the East Village. We both knew the bartender Dawn. As Dawn poured drinks, Khristhen and I flirted and made friends. We kissed in the bar, and when we went outside to smoke we became subject to applause. I've never had a standing ovation before, but when I gambled by grabbing Kristina and pulled her skirt up high against the brick wing wall which divided open summer and our kiss, this bar had something to say. We continued on, playing for the crowd, she kissed me hard, enjoying the attention from her public and within my thighs. We both knew the bartender and knew where this was going. Lucky us, Dawn had an apartment two doors down. Kristten got Dawn's keys, and on a brownstone couch in the East Village we fucked each others brains out.

Before I could ask we were in a cab back to my midtown apartment. Hands over tits, lips over hips, shirts on, pants coming off. About West 4th St and 6th Ave she asked if she could start sucking my hard dick. I had no objection to this, neither did our cabbie. By 6th Ave and 23rd St she found her way to sitting down and riding my yellow cab dick (sorry cant remember the medallion number). Panting and licking necks, pushing tits, her leggings wrapped around her neck, I pulled her hair, we fucked till both were wet...

African cabbie driver loved watching this in his rear view, gave me a thumbs up and he smiled. I smiled at those big tits as they bounced in my face while I fucked a NYC yellow cab pussy. She looked down and said "I just a cab". I was only too glad to be part of her NYC yellow cab story...

If you all keep livin' I'll keep livin' Shakespeare's 21st Century dream.


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