Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back in the saddle

Not only Jamison, Ireland is great

With one hand administering a shot of gin and tonic, the good doctor stepped aside the bar to take a walk in diagnosis. Upon initial inspection, FINE was the case. But seeing as she asked for a tonic, I gathered this patient was in need of a specialist's assistance. And the doctors oath I took out of Satisfaction Medical School would not let me turn away any hot Irish, blond, sexy 21 year old just for traveling into my office/bar. I offered tonic of the bottle, but her real healing came with a back door touch. She moaned with enthusiasum at the Doctor's special healing powers. I too was surprised when she wanted to heal me...I accepted, but only shorty, as the doctor had many patients to serve that nite. Irish, banging hot, wantin cock, traveler had fun in the doctor's office on a Sunday nite. Doctor's perscription: Nothing wrong w/ speaking some international tounge.